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Tiger Athletics

Chapel Hill High School - 1709 High School Rd - Chapel hill, nc


Tiger Athletics

Chapel Hill High School - 1709 High School Rd - Chapel hill, nc

Tiger Athletics

Chapel Hill High School - 1709 High School Rd - Chapel hill, nc

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2 years ago @ 2:42PM

Instructions for Online Sports Registration

**Instructions for Online Registration**


Registration for Sports Participation at Chapel Hill HS:

Instructions for completing the CHHS

Athletics Medical Participation Forms


Beginning June 1st, 2019, Student-athletes and their parents will be required to register for participation in ALL Chapel Hill Sports via the Sports Registration Portal (located below the announcement section on the Front Page) on the Chapel Hill Athletics WebPage.


All of the  required medical participation forms EXCEPT for the Pre-Participation Athletic Physical  will be accessed online via this registration link.  You will be required to view each document in its entirety,  enter some basic demographic information, and then sign an acknowledgement section indicating your completion and understanding of the required documents.


  • When initially signing up for online registration and setting up the parent/guardian account, be sure to create a strong password that includes at least 8-10 characters including a Capital, a symbol and an number.

  • Complete the Parent/Guardian Profile and click “Submit”

  • Then click on Student Profile and click on the Red “ADD” button to complete a profile for each of your student-athletes.

  • Additionally click on Forms.  Then select the school year (2019-20).  Then select “Edit Activities” and indicate gender, school year and (all) sports your son/daughter plans to play.

  • Lastly click on 2019-20 Athletic Registration.  Print and Review each form and check the signature boxes for each form indicating that both you the parent/guardian and the Student-Athlete have read and fully understand each form and the information included therein. Forms and Health and Safety Documents on this registration portal include the following:  .  


  1. NCHSAA Consent Form

  2. Concussion Information Form

  3. CHCCS District Consent/Permission Form

  4. Information on Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes, Environmental Risk Factors (Heat/Weather),  Weight/Nutrition Information and Communicable Disease and Skin Infection Procedures


***IMPORTANT***  You will NOT be completing and/or submitting hard copies of these 4 forms.  

The information is being collected electronically.  You are responsible for Reading and Understanding the content therein and indicating by the check boxes your agreement to any and all information.


Please note that all sections of the demographics must be completed in their entirety. You will not be allowed to complete the registrations without providing answers/information to each required question.  All submitted entries will be reviewed by the Athletic Trainer and/or Athletic Director to determine participation eligibility.  Team Coaches and their assistants will have access to a spreadsheet indicating which athletes have registered and are medically eligible for participation.  Athletes are NOT allowed any form of participation including Try-outs until they are cleared.   



Instructions for the Pre-Participation Athletic Physical Form


  • Complete the Athlete’s Health History:  Provide details for any “Yes” answers in the Athlete’s Screening Examination.  This information must be thorough.  In addition, please provide dates as needed

  • 1st page of Physical Form must be signed and dated by both the athlete and parent/guardian

  • Physical Exam Section must be completed (signed and DATED) by a Licensed Physician (MD, DO, PA, NP).  Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine will not be accepted

  • Please include the Name of the Medical Office, Address and Phone numbers of the office where the physical exam was performed.  This may be stamped by the Physician’s office

  • NOTE:  The Pre-Participation Athletic Physical must be completed on the NCHSAA physical form.  Individual forms from clinics will NOT be accepted.

  • The completed Pre-Participation Athletic Physical form must be submitted to either the CHHS Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer for review in conjunction with the online Sports Registration.

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